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What we do

We tailor to the every day entrepreneur, startup, or organization to help turn their ideas into functional products. We understand how difficult and overwhelming starting a business or taking an idea and building a product can be. We are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to become successful.
  • Idea Generation, Concept Planning, Design & Dev

  • Product Development, DevOps & Maintenance

  • Pitch Formualtion, Monetization, Rollout Strategy


Do you have the next best app idea? Are you unsure how to make those dreams a reality?
A prototype by Epux increases your odds to obtain funding by giving your audience a product they can experience!
Go to Idea Generation

Idea Generation

Work with DevOps experts to refine your idea, identify competitors, and increase competitive-edge potential. Not only does this bring your idea to full fruition, it aids in overcoming early-stage barriers.

Go to Concept Planning

Concept Planning

Once an idea has a solid foundation, the look and feel are just as important as the nuts and bolts. Concept planning involves delivering an unforgettable user experience through core functionality design, targeted user feedback, and aesthetics. We simply ask you a series of questions, and our experts take it from there.

Go to Design & Dev

Design & Dev

All of our mobile app prototype projects are designed and developed using industry-leading tools. Between our graphic artists and GUI ninjas, our end product allows for deployment on mobile phones, real-time commenting for feedback, and the ability to share the prototype with your friends and family for additional validation! With a Prototype from Epux, you’re ready to start pitching!

Why should you consider a prototype?

  • It works and functions on your device just like your mobile app will.
  • You don't have to have a full product to receive funding; a prototype paints the picture.
  • An average prototype will only cost between 3%-9% of the total development cost!
  • Instantly share and test your functional prototype amongst colleagues, friends and family on their device.
  • It only takes weeks! Not months, or even years.
  • We work with the right demographic groups in order to deliver the best-fit product.
  • Reduce and mitigate overall risk with a fully defined and functional prototype.
  • Development

    Our DevOps teams can quickly turn your prototype into a minimal viable product or full-fledged mobile app. Following your release or go-live, don't get stuck in the day-to-day operations and maintenance. Offload that to our team so your teams can focus on mission critical objectives.

    Product Development

    Our experts specialize in the latest native and hybrid development frameworks and approaches. This allows our customers to get the exact mobile experience they desire at the right price-point.

    DevOps and Maintenance

    Not sure how to support your app after its release or go-live? Our DevOps teams can stay engaged to help support uptime, performance, preventative maintenance, and provide additional value through custom reporting and dashboards.

    Business Consulting

    We offer our years of experience launching startups, established businesses, and organizations to skyrocket your competitive-edge.

    Pitch Formulation

    The right pitch makes funding acquisition a much smoother process. Our team of experts will work with you to create a solid pitch, presentation, and prepare you for answering the questions that arise from it.


    There are an abundance of ways to monetize a mobile application through subscription models, ads, partnerships, dedicated space, data retention, and more. Finding the right monetization strategy for maximum adoption is critical, and we’re here to help.

    Rollout Strategy

    When it comes to rolling out an app, there are a number of factors to be considered; scaling, user adoption, single vs. multiple platform rollouts, feedback loops, marketing, release dates, and more. We will define and deploy the right strategy for you!

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    The Epux Team

    Our Core Team

    Clint Campbell

    President & Founder
    An energetic nerd living in a technical world, Clint’s expertise and background lies in DevOps, solution architecture, data science, and startup mentoring.

    Danny Chavez

    Chief Strategist
    With his strong political background, Danny Chavez has been an evangelist of the San Antonio entrepreneurial community. At Epux, he ensures well-integrated strategy execution.

    Shaun Williams

    Financial Advisor
    With 20 years’ experience and having worked with over 50 corporations, Shaun helps solve the FinTech challenges of the modern day organization.

    David Aguirre

    Creative Partner
    David Aguirre continually drives creative innovation forward through his renowned film, art, music, graphics design, and promotional videos.

    Bryce Boesen

    Lead Software Engineer
    Born a coding ninja; mastery in all languages; end-to-end development.

    Derek Lanphier

    Lead UI/UX

    Brandon Neubauer

    A Texas aggie, football player, financial wizard, and graphics design curator, Brandon is a true renaissance man. He tackles any and every project with passion and from a unique perspective.

    Taylor Wise

    Graphics Guru

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