November 20, 2016


Epux is about user experience and creativity, and we achieve that by giving our employees completely flexible schedules, the ability to work remote – whereever and whenever, and the resources they need to be successful. Company founder, Clint Campbell, comes from a very structured military and corporate background. Through this, he quickly learned that too much structure can stifle the creative thought process and hurt overall moral.

“My dream has always been to provide high-paying, flexible jobs that promote creativity in a non-traditional facet; such as breaking down the cubical walls of corporate America and truly trusting my employees to get the job done.”

Epux engages with the University of Texas at San Antonio to give college juniors and seniors the ability to learn a new skill under the guidance of experts while finishing their degree. This allows them to graduate with professional experience and the ability to build something epic in the process.

“I don’t believe that students should have to wait until they have their degree to start working in the industry. As an alumni of UTSA, I know first-hand the rigorous training and skills acquired in their degree plans and leveraging those skills in the workplace will only make them stronger.”

We are always looking for outside-the-box thinkers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers.

Let's work together!